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Thermal Male Contraception by testicular push up


The production of sperms is heat sensitive. With increase in temperature, sperm production decreases or stops, thus giving rise to sterility. This heat sensitivity of sperms is used as a method for contraception. This method is safe, effective, low cost and easily reversible.


How Does Heat Affect Sperm?


Heat can render a huge impact on male fertility and this was known since time immemorial in human civilization. We have come across such mentions in the texts of Hippocrates that can be dated back to the 5th century BC. This method was formulated on the simple fact that the normal temperature in the testes must be considerably cooler compared to the usual body temperature. This is due to the fact that the entire process of spermatogenesis takes place here.


This has been later explained by the analysis that since the testes are enclosed in the scrotum; it actually keeps the testes outside the body. A heat exchange takes place between the incoming and the outgoing blood vessels in this area and this process is akin to how the coils of the refrigerator function.


This led to the development of the HSF or the heat shock factor where the sperm dies when the temperature rises to 99° Fahrenheit or 37°Celsius. It is important to note that briefs do not raise the temperature to this level and thus does not impair his fertility.


Artificial Cryptorchidism or testicular push up


This method works on the usage of insulated the ring Andro-switch. The resultant heat affects spermatogenesis thereby causing contraception. This can be attained if the temperature of the testes is raised to the normal body temperature. This can result in partial infertility and it has also been observed that men having retractile testes often have fertility issues.


Why buy Andro-switch


Patented & craft made in France

Andro- switch is one of the innovations of the 21st century, the result of transdisciplinary research on testicular push up, from bio mimicry to bioethics.


Comfortable & practical

100% platinum catalyzed silicone, certified biocompatible, it allows ergonomic and painless testicular push up.


Ecological & economical

Andro-switch tends to have the lowest carbon footprint and ecological impact possible.


More than just a product, a commitment

Slow contraception means becoming an eco-responsible user of natural contraception, known as male or testicular contraception.


If you don't mind the view of a so-called male sex, you will find on this page a video showing how it is used.


A fair contraception is a chosen contraception.


Abstract pages available for free download here.


Testimonials :


Stella: Revelation and gift for him as for me!

Philippe: Simply amazing method.

Louis: Simply brilliant the ring and this contraception!

Jeanne: I think I fell in looove from my boyfriend because he was contraceptive with the ring.

Denis: My wife gave me Andro-Switch for my birthday. Great discovery!

Olivier: I highly recommend;) This ring is a revolution. It is discreet and efficient.


Key figures :


30 years of clinical trials and user follow-up

Nearly 2000 people have already used this method

100% natural and reversible

More than 99% efficiency

0 side effect and hormone

3 months of practice to be contraceptive

4 years of continuous clinical testing

15 hours/24 testicular push up 7 days a week

1 million/ml of sperm, the threshold below which a boy is contraceptive

1 reliable control tool, the spermogram regularly performed


The detailed medical protocol of so-called male thermal contraception by testicular push up in 4 main steps:


First step :


Make an appointment with your doctor to make the first pre-contraceptive consultation and have a spermogram prescribed before you start following the medical protocol for thermal male contraception. This method is only for people with sperm values in the 2010 WHO standards, and who are eligible only for those not covered by the contraindications below. (Take the opportunity to do a health prevention check-up.)


Contraindications : Any abnormality in the groin of the pubis, penis, groin and testicles; inguinal hernia; testicular cancer; Decreased hand strength; obesity; local skin infections of the penis, scrotum, groin and pubis area; contact dermatitis of the penis, scrotum, groin and pubis area; swelling of the penis. Finally, the spermogram must be considered normal: sperm concentration above 15 million/ml, progressive mobility above 32%, normal forms depending on the technique used.


Learn how to apply and remove tools: With your doctor, learn about testicular push up lift procedures and the criteria for proper compliance with the protocol.


If you don't mind the view of a so-called male sex, you will find on this page a video showing how it is used.


Second step :


If all is well and in agreement with your doctor, start following the 15h/24 7d/7 wearing protocol. Until your sperm concentration is less than 1 million/ml, you are not contraceptive. Remember that sperm production is continuous but it takes 3 months for the sperm to mature. This is called the spermatogenesis cycle.


You will be considered contracepted if the sperm concentration is less than 1 million/ml on two spermograms three weeks apart. This usually occurs in one spermatogenesis cycle or three months.


Side effect identified & reversible under 2 to 3 cycles of spermatogenesis: Reduction of testicular volume by 10 to 15%, or 2 to 3 grams per testicle.


Adverse reactions identified & reversible under 2 to 3 cycles of spermatogenesis: Reversible alteration of chromatin integrity & reversible alteration of chromosome number.


To avoid pregnancy during this period when you are still fertile, and as a precautionary principle regarding adverse reactions, use a second contraceptive method and stop there only in agreement with your doctor.


Third step :


Once contraceptive, it is advisable to do a monthly spermogram until the sixth month, then every two months thereafter, if compliance is good.


If your concentration rises above 1 million/ml, immediately double your contraception with another method and repeat the test one month later. It is really important to keep the testicles above the ring at the root of the penis for the method to be effective.


The maximum duration is four years since reversibility, in terms of sperm parameters and fertility, has been observed for such a duration. Beyond that, please consult your doctor. Regardless of contraceptive methods, it is important to change them regularly. This is a safety measure as a precautionary principle. In agreement with your doctor, there is nothing to prevent you from recovering normal spermatogenesis and resuming the method after a period of interruption.


Fourth step :


When you want to stop this method, tell your doctor, stop wearing the thermal ring or other testicular lift tool, and use another contraceptive method.


The return to standard sperm values takes 2 to 3 spermatogenesis cycles (6 to 9 months). All couples who subsequently wanted a pregnancy obtained it, and no anomalies were found. No spontaneous miscarriage occurred.


Remember that during this period the fertility of the sperm can occur before the sperm parameters return to normal. But also, in view of the reversible adverse effects altering the genetic capital transported and as a precautionary principle, it is therefore necessary to use another method of contraception during this period.


Perform a control spermogram 2 to 3 consecutive spermatogenesis cycles after the device has stopped wearing. In agreement with your doctor and depending on the result of the spermogram, you can carry out your desire for a child if this is the case, otherwise use another contraceptive method.


In change, the evolution,


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